Artist, Activist, Minister.

That’s what it says on my business card, so it must be correct, right? If so, then I think it is time to write the “about” page for this blog. It has been a few thousand years, countless lifetimes and about a dozen or so blogs, so maybe, just maybe. I‘m getting a small glimmer on the man who I claim to be.

Then again…..

If you have followed some of my other writings, you know that I work in the entertainment industry. Specifically, I’m a music producer. This means I have spent a good portion of my adult life helping people find their dreams. Sometime it led to success and sometimes it led to failure. But the journey has always been interesting.

I am also a musician/composer for films and such. I have not gotten into it on this blog because, there is another forum for it on my website which seems to be a bit more apropos and far less self-serving. But since this is a discussion about ME, then all of the pertinent facts should come to bear.

I love music more then just about anything else in this world. Like water, it finds it’s way into the crevasses of life and can ease the pain or help express it in ways unattainable using normal methods of communication. It stays with us through our day and sometimes follows us into our dreams. It hurts, heals, saves and damns. I actually don’t know of another thing (except for love) that can do that.


Obviously, I’m a minister. I have taken it upon myself to try and bring some light into this world where I can. This was not an overnight decision, nor do I say this with any frivolity, but I have spent my entire life looking for god and when I found him, this is what he said to me.

“Shout it, shout it out loud!”

I looked back at this divine presence and said. “Is that’s the best you can do? Cop a Kiss lyric?” He just smiled at me and repeated the statement as his presence faded away in my mind.

So I shout, I talk, I whisper, I listen to those that need to be heard, I sympathize with those that need attention and I pity those that who think they don’t. I am here for you to yell at, talk to, and commune with and of course to take your secrets to my grave. I didn’t think I would like it and I don’t always have something wise to say, but as shocked as some of you are, I love spreading the word and helping where I can.


Which brings me to my last point. I’m an activist. I think our world is participatory. We need to change the world for it to change. I don’t always agree with one side or the other nor am I stuck in the standardized “Preacher” mentality. But I do believe that we need to help out. I work with the homeless, the addicted, and the disabled, because not enough people do. Because I have seen enough rooms of people wiped out due to drugs and disease. I am politically active, but not sworn to an oath. I disagree with the left as much as I disagree with the right because generalities are confusing and the world is made up us specificities not generalities. Your life, your troubles, are specific to you and encompass your whole world, not a fraction of it. Generalities are for politicians and the media to find someone to sell to. The world is personal.

When you help someone, it is specific. It is personal. You take them from out of the dark and bring them into the light and a chance for another type of life. The most consistent item in our lives is the fact change is the only constant. Relish that thought, because with each new morning, a new life can occur.




One comment on “About

  1. your writing seems to have a theme but I have yet to figure it out. The unfuckable molly brown blog makes me open my eyes to a new way of thinking. Easy to understand but not too simplistic…well done!

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